Camping Recipes

Creating camping recipes and meal ideas for camp cooking is one of my most favourite things to do.

Camping recipes can take a bit longer as often we are limited by the type of camping stove we have. Generally, it takes a bit more work to cook a fantastic camp stove/campfire meal but, usually, the end results are almost always worth it.

I am not a fan of convenience or ready-made camping meals. If you are out all day burning energy then your body will benefit more from a well balanced, camp cooked meal, made from scratch. You cannot really go wrong with fresh, local ingredients cooked in simple ways.

Meals, to me, always taste better when they are cooked outdoors. Here are some of the recipes I’ve been cooking on recent camping trips.

  • Dutch Oven Caprese Chicken
    Much like most of my camping meals, this Dutch Oven Caprese Chicken recipe packs more flavour than you’d expect, out of a very small number of ingredients. It really is […]
  • Campfire Pizza – Greek Yogurt Pizza Dough Recipe
    Campfire pizza, made from Greek yogurt? When I was told about this I immediately thought it was a wind-up. How do you make pizza from yoghurt? It turns out that […]
  • Dutch Oven Chips / French Fries
    I’ve been camping since I was 12 and in all that time I have never cooked chips or French fries whilst camping. Today that changed! I happened to have a […]
  • Griddled Halloumi & Mango Salsa
    I love the salty/sweet mix of cheese & fruit. Feta & tomato salad, feta & watermelon and this halloumi and mango salsa being my absolute favourites. It’s just the perfect […]
  • Feta, Tomato & Spring Onion Salad
    It’s been rather warm in Scotland recently, with temperatures rising above 30 degrees C quite often. This tends to put me off building a campfire to cook on or firing […]
  • Lemon Chicken Orzo
    This lemon chicken orzo recipe makes a wonderful quick light lunch. It is a super easy meal to cook on a Trangia Stove or in a Billy Can over a […]
  • Marmite Porridge
    This marmite porridge recipe makes for a rather unorthodox breakfast but 50% of people may not hate it! Classing this as a recipe is stretching things a bit, it’s so […]