Infrared Photography of Scotland

Infrared photography is my most recent “weird” hobby. I am oddly fascinated by seeing Scotland’s lochs, forests, wildlife and flowers in, literally, a different light.

Modern day DSLR cameras are more sensitive to light than human eyes. As a result, they require an infrared filter to be put in them so they see what we see. A full-spectrum camera has that filter removed so it captures ultraviolet and infrared light.

Using an infrared lens filter can turn a normal DSLR camera into an infrared one but you need long exposure times. This doesn’t work too well in Scotland’s winds. I’ve now started to learn how to use my full-spectrum camera with infrared filters.

Infrared photos are not just coloured weirdly in Photoshop, infrared light is reflected in a different way. The chlorophyll in plants reflects a lot of infrared leading to white, red or pink foliage. Water reflects very little so rivers and lochs are navy or black.

I am learning infrared photography as I go, it’ll be interesting to see how I progress.