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World Porridge Making Championship 2022

Quite often when I camping I make porridge for breakfast, it’s light to carry, quick to make and keeps you going all day. I am, by some distance, not an expert porridge maker but I decided that it would be interesting and fun to enter The World Porridge Making Championship.

The World Porridge Making Championship 2022

The championships take place in Carrbridge, Scotland, which is 2 hours drive from my home. I set off on Friday afternoon and spent a lovely weekend in the Highlands of Scotland.

Carrbridge, home of The World Porridge Making Championships

There are two parts to the competition:

Traditional Scottish Porridge, using only oats, salt & water. The winner of this claims the coveted Golden Spurtle and becomes World Porridge Making Champion.

Speciality Porridge, using oats and anything else you like. The speciality porridge winner is given The Duncan Hilditch Memorial Quaich.

The Golden Spurtle
The Golden Spurtle

I didn’t win my traditional Scottish porridge heat but I did a good job, I was happy with what I made.

Traditional Scottish Porridge
Traditional Scottish Porridge

My Butternut & Sage Oat Risotto also worked out well but, alas, did not win. Some of the speciality dishes were spectacular, using everything from handmade oat noddles to locusts & mealworms!

Butternut Squash Risotto
Butternut Squash & Sage Pinhead Oat Risotto

All in all it was a brilliant weekend. An amazingly well organised event, filled with lovely people in a lovely village.

Most importantly, the World Porridge Making Championship raises fund for Mary’s Meals, a local charity providing food to millions of children worldwide.

I’m not quite ready to hang up my Spurtle just yet, I’ll be back next year!

The World Porridge Making Championship Winners
The World Porridge Making Championship Winners